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#304046 - Lauren takes of her jeans off to reveal her 12 inches of cock; she bends over and shoves her cock into Hamish and the yelp from Hamish shows he loves cock in his ass. The phones rings, it’s her friend Julia “Hello?” Julia has also been crying, Julia’s distinctive deep voice is interrupted by sniffles “Lauren, I need to stay with you-my parents caught me in bed with my dog” “Oh, come over just now, we can talk about it” Twenty minutes past and Lauren has been crying, the door bell ring, “Lauren! Your friend Julia is here “shouts Laurens lesbian foster mum, “Come up, Julia “ Julia comes up, Jillian; her ex’s best friend is lying dead in the corner “OMG, Lauren what the hell did you do to her “ “I know, I accidentally smothered her” Lauren explains “I didn’t mean to” “Oh well” they dump Jillian’s body into the closet “Hey Julia I didn’t know you were bringing your dog! You know I too have a dog fetish” “Well what was I supposed to do?” “I love him” Julia notices Laurens c

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