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#137 - I can't control myself, my pussy mashes itself against your face, you respond by sucking my clit in between yiour lips and using your your tongue to flick hard against it, I am totally out of control, crying out More!! Oh God! Yes! I'm cumming all over your face! Oh my God!! YES!! I'm cumming!!! Your face is covered with the results of our previous pleasure and my newest gratification! I kiss your mouth, tasting our combined tanginess. We have put off getting out of bed as long as we can. You are having your own way with my ass and I am beginning to move as if you were fucking my ass with your tongue, you replace your tongue with a finger, it slides right in with all the saliva you supplied, so you push a second finger in and I push back against them, you use your other hand and thrust two fingers deep into my inflammed cunt, then a third, both hands are thrusting deep and I scream out as I cum hard OH MY GOD!! IM CUMMING! OH YES! I'M CUMMING!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME

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