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#372912 - The clients apologised for what happened and stated they would understand if I left but they would love me to stay and that there was no film taken it was just a ploy for them to play. They both thanked me for a wonderful time, and I returned to my job. As my cock slowly entered Mrs Smith’s pussy, the warm, moist and loose pussy felt like heaven, I slowly started to push in and out and she was increasing her moans, as this occurred Mr Smith started to push my hips faster, as I was getting close to coming I heard Mr Smith tell Mrs Smith here is your anniversary present so open your eyes, as she opened her eyes she looked stunned and went to scream, Mr Smith placed his hand over her mouth and told her it was alright, that he wanted to see her being satisfied by a younger man, as he said that she became like a devil, her pussy tightened and she told me to fill her cunt as much as possible, she wanted to feel my cum dribble down her arse cheeks, well that was it for me and I blew a mas

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I love how silky smooth she is
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