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#134103 - Both Brenda and Steven knew the drill, and sat down in the two chairs immediately in front of Hanna, and while no one said a word, both of the two employees sat transfixed at the sight of the over sexed vagina not more than two feet away from them! By now Hanna had a flushed look on her face, and her breathing was becoming quite labored as her climax approached! In a halting voice Hanna stammered, Do you like my pussy, it's so fucking hot I can't stand it!?! Both Brenda and Steven nodde?d and replied that yes, they loved her pussy very much! Hanna, now rushing to her orgasm croaked, Please, show me your genitals, I must see them right now!!! Brenda had already slipped off her panties, so it was just a matter of pulling up her skirt and slightly spreading her legs to give her boss a good look at her twat, while Steven on the other hand stood up and let his trousers fall to his ankles, and then in one quick motion shoved his boxer shorts down his hairy thighs, exposing his

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