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#22510 - The other girl (her name is Jessica) was a little bit shorter than the blonde, she has brunette hair with a little bit of red (so despite the fact that I live in the same apartment building for 2 years I never realize that she had those little strips of red maybe that was her original hair color I don’t know I always saw her hair black) she, like her lover, has a nice figure, her breast was perfect and always that I have an opportunity I stare at her boobs without her noticing while in the elevator. I was beginning to make my way to the door of my apartment I realize that I need to hide my face I took a quick look at my apartment until I found my Michael Myers mask. When the door open what I saw in front of me make my dick stand up, in front of me was the blonde girl and for my pleasure she was still wearing her schoolgirl costume- aren’t you the smallest Michael Myers- I narrowed my eye while I pull my gun and pointed a her head- oh and got the wrong weapon, hey Jessica come here th

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