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#389388 - “stop there filth, come over here” Barked Jon with a ear to ear smile. Bolton, the jury has reached a decision, you are hear by expelled from hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardy for the use of the imperious curse, the Cruciatus Curse and the rape of fellow students Milly Syant, Amanda Syant, and Samantha Stone when you step out of the court room, your wand will be confiscated and broken, good day to you, and consider yourself lucky you are not being carted to Azkaban as we speak *sigh* do you understand your sentence said the judge getting up and levitating her paper work after her as she left the court room. “now lick it off your face mudblood, and be happy that you are being given the right to touch a purebloods cock” demanded Jon getting to his feet.

Read High アヘってる少佐 - Ghost in the shell Black アヘってる少佐

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