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#91013 - She'd tell me I'll clean up,, you get ready for your date! Anyway, after I got married I was really afraid Lisa , my wife would find out about this stuff and freak out and divorce and humiliate me. I said continued she made me cum a lot! She made me and my brother cum a lot! I went on to explain how , just last week , we were at Donna's house for a picnic, and when I went to piss in her bathroom she followed me in, shut the door and put her mouth by mine and whispered can I? I knew what she meant so I just whispered of course! She pushed my pants down and started playing with my dick. Even when I was dating girls in high school , Donna (my sister) would suggest that she jerk me off before I went on a date so that I wasn't horny and wasn't just trying to get laid so I would think about getting to know these girls I dated.

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Chen hui-chieh
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