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#242309 - That evening I sat down and composed a long email in which I explained all my feelings, the betrayal, the sickness in my stomach and how I hated her and myself for letting it happen, I reminded her how I had accepted the initial blame for the start of her affair with Jerry and how I could have let that go and started afresh but although I still loved her with a passion I could not see us getting on the right road again, I ended the email by reminding her that she was strong enough to get her life back on track and how I would always support her when she needed me as I signed off the email I was crying. I settled in quickly and had a few sexual interesting adventures (separate stories), Amanda kept in touch via email and most evenings there was another new email with her begging for forgiveness and telling me how sorry she was and how well she was behaving, I only ever replied with questions regarding the house sale and as I was still meeting my side of the housekeeping expenses que

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