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#202049 - She was still wearing work clothes and had a sad look on her face as she saw me get in the car. It was one of the best fealings i ever had, she licked the base and cradeled my balls in her mouth and then started to deepthroat it, I pulled her head up and down and fucked her face, she was crying and moaning with pleasure all at the same time, I unzipped her pants and stuck my fingers in her pussy and it was soaking wet. Anyways she worked at my fathers burger joint as a waitress and had a reputation of being a bit of a slut, it was said that if you put a hundrad dollar bill on your table and stand by the bathroom and make eye contact with her, she would take you in there and give you the fucking of a life time! The second i had heard the men talking about it I wanted to know if it was true.

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Guren nash
Wow you should really cum on that stretched asshole sometime we love your hentais
Talaga ba
Ryouta misumi
This white guy is talentless in fact white guys wearing black are doobs talentless homewreckers
Mercelida ygvar
Seems legit
Sherlock shellingford
Gotta respect how little she swore lol