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#20461 - I met this gal, Kui, a immigrant from Taiwan, who would return back and forth to keep her green card in compliance, but after her divorce she decided to stay permantly. at this point he began the process of mounting her, again she has had only one penis, she screamed at the point of insert CONDOM, once she realized he had it on she started slow just on her back, then she a bit of a moan, then she started to meet his thrust, and again turning to a very agressive manner, I had her turn-over on all fours, but at that moment he came, and in a second it was all over, for some reason, the bubble burst, I had him masterbate her with the various toy's I had purchased, vaginally and anal, but for some reason he just could not get hard again, but for a first time for us it was awesome.

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