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#140405 - Kelly- Heather’s Friend, 15 year old HS Sophomore, 5’6 130 LBS, Soccer player Bridget- Kelly’s older sister, 24 years old, 5’5 165LBS Julie- Kelly and Heather’s friend, 17 year old HS Junior, 5’2 110 LBS, Soccer player October 6, 1998 I woke up early on this Thursday AM just before 6AM, I usually didn’t wake up for school until 6:15 however today was different. as I laid there in my best friend’s house with her sister who was ten years older than me fingering my pussy I thought for a second I could cum right there and then Bridgett stopped, she pulled away, I was disappointed but only for a second, she moved down spread my legs looked at me with a devilish smile and put her face right into my pussy…her mouth covered my pussy at first she did slow licks and then dove in, it was amazing, then I felt her finger slide back in… I had been eaten out a couple of times and it felt good but not like this, this grown woman was putting the boys to shame… her tongue sucked on my clit whil

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