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#368241 - Rachel the babysitter I woke up the next morning to the sound of the telephone ringing. I picked up the phone and said ''hello'' '' jeff its me dad, Ivery been calling for the last hour but nobody was picking up. So then i realised oh fuck i left bob downstairs and its been like 10 - 15 minutes so i quickly got up with shit hanging from my arse, it looked like a tail cause it was the same colour as my skin but if i had eaten fruite pebbles it would have been green and people would of noticed but anyways i ran downstairs and bob wasnt on the floor anymore when i whent to find bob i found him in the kitchen with an ice pack on his head and he said jeff why did you do that and i said i triipped and he belived me so i told him to come upstairs after he feels better as he was walking up the stairs behind me i turned around and backed into him so the shit hanging tail from my arse got on his shirt but i backed up too far and bob fell down th

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