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#44261 - When it was loosened, Helen slipped it off Dee's shoulders and let it fall to the floor, revealing a truly amazing pair of breasts! The large areolae were about three inches across and were tipped with erasure sized nipples that stood out hard, even while at rest! Helen couldn't help herself, and automatically she reached out and cupped the giant mammaries in her hands and gently kneaded them, bringing a contented sigh from Dee's lips. Helen cut her off and said, Stand up for me, let's see how you look, I want to check on your size! Helen helped Dee to her feet, and began unbuttoning the young woman's house coat, and when it was finally opened up, Helen was almost stunned to see the size of Dee's chest, it was indeed massive! An industrial looking bra held it firmly in place, but it had all the sex appeal of a box of rocks, and her panties were the old woman style briefs that while practical, wouldn't have exactly made a man's heart go pitty

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