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#196881 - Well who ever it was, they sure as hell were making quite a racket in there, so Andy put his ear to the door, listened for a few moments, and then slowly turned the handle and pushed into the supposedly empty office. Ozinski, I have a new baby at home, and every four hours or so I have to milk by breasts and save it for later, she replied, but I'm having all sorts of trouble with the stupid machine, and I just knocked a jar of milk on the floor, and well, nothing seems to be working out today!!! Andy was listening to what Donna Wilkens was saying, but his eyes were riveted to the magnificent tits that sprung from Donna's slim chest! Andy remembered when his own wife, Sheila, was pregnant, but even on her best day, her boobs couldn't have held a candle to Donna's incredible mammaries!!! Do you think you could check out my breast pump, she asked earnestly, it seems to have stopped working, and my breasts are starting to hurt from all the milk!?! Uh, sure, st

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The daughter is kissa sins and the mom is jessa rhodes
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