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#10432 - The guy's cock was looking like it was about to explode and Tom was licking the head making it erk when all of a sudden Tom's head was grabbed and pushed onto the cock but about half way and the man with the gun was telling Tom to suck and suck like a bitch would. Now , aware the volume was on I remarked, Tom, I have to do two black men? Then you get to suck them too, before and after both! The entire room roared in laughter except for the two black men; one of them remarked to the other, you were right, this bitch loves cocks and I know from what I have seen her do myself on the adult website with the huge dildos she fucks herself with!. Wait, hollered Tom.

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Mikumo kushinada
I m so wet right now
Nice ass
Kaede kayano
I think is because the movement she is doing is not good at all is way better when they move up and down