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#308644 - ’ I was shocked but weirdly aroused, ‘well cya’ I said with a smile, she smiled back and said ‘I’ll be back later’. ’ ‘Okay, urm, do you wanna have a threesome with Amy?’ I didn’t know what to say, on the one hand, Amy was annoying, if I have sex with her id probably have to talk to her for a while, but on the other hand, Amy’s 30C tits, blonde hair and blue clear eyes, not to mention her peach shaped ass made her a good candidate for a fuck buddy. Shit! I had forgotten about that camera! Amy didn’t even seem to notice we had walked into the room, she was lost in the video of me and her best friend fucking, as I watched I realised I was a little turned on by the sight, and my dick gave a small twinge, Amy continued to rub her right nipple, which was hard as diamonds, with her right hand and with her left, she was rubbing her clit in fast circles around and over her clit, she started to play with her entrance with her thumb, teasing herself, as on the TV I slammed my cock into Ashlie s

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