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#316088 - Also, he continued, did you insert the small plastic object in you pussy as I asked you to?!? Again she replied, Yes, I did it this morning before I left work. Sir David, Hanna repli?ed softly, how can I serve you!?! His reply was swift and sure, When you get into the building, go to the rest room and remove your panties, do you understand me?!? Yes, she answered. Hanna walked a little unsteadily, as the vibrator was doing a number on her now drooling slit! Laura Thomas came around her desk to meet Hanna, and she extended her hand? and opined, It's nice to meet you, Hanna, I've heard so much about you from Ted Waters, out field rep, please, have a seat! Hanna smoothed her skirt and settled down in the well stuffed chair that was situated in front of Laura's large mahogany desk, while Laura leaned back in her chair, and waited for Hanna to begin her presentation.

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