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#120458 - She purred gently, she loved the roleplay and she could feel her cock throbbing against him, “I’m here because you’re far too cute for your own good, I saw you and I just had to have you for myself…” “P-please, I don’t understand…” “I think you’re fucking hot, sweety, so I’m going to spend the night with you, we’re going to fuck like animals and then in the morning when we’re done, we’ll have breakfast and then fuck like animals again,” she spoke softly, her voice dripping with lust and desire, she felt him writhe under her at her words and she knew there was no way he hadn’t noticed the poignant mass of her cock. Swallowing she stepped up to it, her feet stepping onto a doormat just outside the door, it looked like it had once had something written on it, but it had been worn away over time by the passing of feet. He didn’t respond, but she smirked, he didn’t need to, she knew he loved it.

Read Bikini [Keuma] Ero-Figure [Jou] | ERO情色女體模型 [上] [Chinese] Freckles Ero-Figure| ERO情色女體模型

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