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#352715 - Maddy was wearing these short dress pants with a loose flimsy top that kept showing off her sexy little pink lingerie and Kelly was wearing a short white dress with heels and cause she was a little taller her legs looked fuckin mad. Her body was perfect and she took cock like a professional for the next few minutes until I said I was going to cum to which she stopped and jumped off my lap grabbing my cock and jerking it wildly before leaning down and sucking the knob nice and hard, I could feel I was about to cum and just before I did she wrapped her lips perfectly around the knob sucking me dry and swallowing it all like a starving whore.   I took Maddy into the kitchen to pour drinks and started kissing her as I pushed her back into the bench , she kissed me back hard for a bit and we made out in there for a few minutes before she pulled away and grabbed some fresh drinks, we walked back in to find Kelly and Rick kissing in the hallway waiting for us to come out with the drinks.

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Such a cutie
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Name pls