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#342106 - and sinfully perverse for those watching! She was arched, like a swayback with her head pulled back by her hair that only allowed her to see straight up! Being stark ass naked was bad enough, but Darryl now overcome by this submissive shapely young woman impaled on his dick, one that said he could do anything his perverted lustful mind wanted was now in complete control! Dictating with his dick so to speak, the rough harsh treatment that Deanna was experiencing! OMG! Was it something to watch Darryl would bend down as he walked her in front of him, then would straighten his legs out quickly and thrust his cock up into her time and again! Each time she would groan squeal and cry out begging him not to, as her soft white ass cheeks would part, then bell out to each side as his hard thrusts lifted her off the floor! It was harsh erotic, and perverse from any angle especially from the front as the camera guys stayed their distance shooting some incredible pornographic video of his big b

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