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#111785 - That Saturday I told my mom to drop me at the mall, it must’ve been around 10 o’clock when she drove me, as soon as she was gone, I headed towards the corner I had seen my sister, she wasn’t there, so I went to the crappy buildings she had shown me. -Are you asleep- she asked as she shook me - no- I said and got out of bed- what’s wrong? - I was thinking that on Saturday if we see Cindy too messed up, we should tell mom and dad so they can send her to rehab or a clinic or something- I agreed, then her eyes drifted towards my crotch- why are you horny, were you jerking off?- -nooo- I said, kind of embarrassed- its sometimes in the morning I wake up like that- -oh, me too sometimes I wake up wet- she said She turned around and was about to leave my room, when I stopped her I grabbed her by the hand and told her that next time she woke up wet I could finger her like the other day. She scrubbed her breasts, her legs, and her pussy, she scrubbed her pussy a lot, than her arms and

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