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#327287 - Both of us with our heart tattoos exposed, but where my new black collar resided on my neck, she wore a pink version, and in script letters spelled out on the back of hers it simply said “Bitch Mommy”. It could best be described in this way, if you could imagine a sophisticated adult dinner party, with food and drinks, but then imagine the menu was created by 8 year olds. everything very sophisticated, and laid out beautifully, but all, or at least most, aimed at the palate of one of these young ladies.

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Kotoha shoudou
Wenn du auch so schreist ist doch alles gut
Sora kasugano
So what did he end up saying cant leave a guy ha ging like that
Yall all soo dum thats not me fucking if you should know and the titles are for you to click on and i get paid i just produce dughh
Saiai kinuhata
I wanna fuck dat gucci bitch