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#367047 - I had my head back in pleasure untill I felt extreme pleasure as wetness surrounded my cock I looked down to see my mom with my cock in her mouth she licked my head and rubbed my shaft she could feel and likely see my balls tensing up and quickly pushed her head down until my balls were on her chin and my head in her throat it was pure bliss but before I could cum she pulled away and stuffed my dick back in my jeans. Inside she was splayed across her bed withe not a thing on and a small glass buttplug in her arsehole she beconed me foreword so before I did I set up the camera and hit record then got on the bed and started eating out my mom again she moaned as I licked her clit the then pushed me off and bent Over letting me have access to her bald pussy. I quickly hugged her and said don't worry mom we all do it but you should of told me so I wouldn't of walked in.

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Ran yakumo
Love seeing his toes curl so hot
I wish she was my sister i love her so much that i would do any think to be with her