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#270509 - - Memories. I turn a little and sit on the floor, he kneed in front of me and I bended my neck to reach the glory of his sex, gently, I hold his penis, my fingers caressing his balls, my palm carried the dick and my wrist holded the head, slowly, very slowly, my wet tongue began to kiss his member, from beginning to end, slowly, always slowly, he grumped asking for more, I open my mouth, lifted a little my hand and send the head inside it, mmm, I remember the taste, salted and wet, sweet and hard, these combinations made me go to heaven, i just hear he feeling pleasure and expressed it groaning ang growling, mi mouth made the dick his prissioner, don't wanna free it, I wanna hold the dick in my mouth all night long, sucking, licking, weting, going and coming, up and down, with my fingers scratching softly his balls and my tongue playing with his bald penis head, taking him to orgasm and receiving these small discharges of precum in my throat, tasting and savoring the liquids of

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