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#419722 - I was very excited seeing her pussy and that made me blush; it also gave me a little thrill in my stomach. I would make Mom jerk and grind with every thrust into her hot swollen pussy I must have done good as I watched her face she had hers eyes closed tight and her face was all distorted and scary and she looked to be in pain not pleasure, she was quivering and breathing really hard and I was so enthralled in her, we were like a perfect timed machined my thrusts into and out of her, and her driving her hips into me and jerking back was so amazing when she came to Orgasm and screamed out and collapsed in a heap with my fingers still in her, I could feel her pussy squeeze my fingers really hard and it was kind of vibrating, her pussy was soaking my fingers in hot cum, to me it was just the greatest thing I ever felt before, for my Mom it must have been very unusual to have her 12 year old son finger her to orgasm, but she never said anything except thank you honey that was great and yo

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