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#156788 - At 8am Nick came out and said folks I got a booking at 10 o’clock, I got to get the boat ready, please go home, we have had a great time & if you want to get together again I would be most welcome Cindy has my number, Nick then came over to me & said I especially want to see you again Jan, I think I am going to Adelaide later in the year, could I look you up. When I returned to the deck, Chad was yelling to Samantha to hurry her arse & get changed, we started at the bow again and with a slight breeze I stood there feeling almost naked in the flimsiest G string that barely covered my nipples & with a tiny patch that just fitted over my pussy lips with a string that fitted well into the crack of my arse, the pill was doing its job, I was relaxed and moved about the boat without a care in the world, Chad then asked Captain Nick to stand with me at the steering wheel, he had his Captains hat on & when I looked down his muscle body I saw him standing there in a white G string that barely

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