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#104425 - so when i saw her she ran out of the house crying. she ran into the forest so i jumped out of the tree to go find her i serched for almost an hour then i heard sobing i looked up it seemded like it was comming form one of the highest branches so climed up not trying to make much noise i found her i siad hello there whats worng she looked up for a while just gazing into my eyes i was doing the same then she spoke its nothing its just i have to take all the blame will u be ok yea i will be fine what happend my oldest brother heart my little brother and then he blamed it on me thats mest up yea but its nothing i will be fine i sat by her she started scooting away kinda (it was a big branch) i started looking sad just a little she wasked me whats worng i siad its nothing im just always getting turned down by girls becuse im fat so they siad thats not ture she siad u look just fine i started to smile so i asked y did u come all the way out here just to get away she siad i do

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