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#142230 - Leaning against the bench Alice watches as he kneels and leans towards her pantie clad mound, invitingly Alice parts her thighs and slightly lifts her large stomach so he can reach her more easily. Looking quite shocked he replies ‘I’ve seen many women change before miss, please don’t be self-conscious, I’ll turn my back if you like’, nodding she would he turns away. ’ Feeling a little embarrassed about how she spoke to him Alice, carries on looking, finding a dress she likes she desperately looks through the rack to see if there’s one in her size, with disappointment she realises there isn’t and turns to leave, as she passes the counter the man asks her if she found anything she liked, stopping suddenly Alice looks at him for a second and stammers an apology for how she spoke to him earlier, then she says ‘there was a dress but it’s not in my size’.

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