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#349247 - Martin anxiously waited for the doorbell to ring, as he checked his watch for the third time in the last ten minutes. Martin began idly playing with his now soft cock, and after a moment’s hesitation ordered, “Okay, stud boy, fuck him in the ass!!!” Ernie literally moaned out loud in anticipation of his fucking, and without even being told he leaned over the back of a large easy chair with his legs spread wide and his asshole open and available!!! Andy slid easily behind the old man, and after rubbing his head against the tight opening, he gently moved his hips forward, forcing his hardness into his hot bottom!!! “Oh fuck,” Ernie moaned loudly, “he’s hard as a fucking rock, and so thick, oh god it this good!!! Martin’s eyes had glazed over as he stared at his friend being impaled by the young stud, and as they roared out in unison as their cocks gave way in a shower of cum, Ernie’s all over the chair and Andy’s deep in his ass, Martin’s own pecker spasmed hard in his hand and spewed a

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Mana inuyama
You make me wanna cum honey plz dont stop pls baby u killing me baby pls dont stop
Ultrawoman mari
Yes mid crank and i stopped to listen to the dialogue cuz i could help but need to know where i knew thoselines from
I guess
Crystal is one of the best