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#132951 - her dad took her date aside now i know my daughter is a tease, but you better not try anything he warned and then chuckled not that it'll do you any good, wont get anywhere, but dont try it anyway he said, smacking the guy on the shoulder lightly and laughing at his own joke, he let them go telling them to be home at midnight and not a minute later. It had been two weeks since Kelli's' dad had put the chastity belt on her, and it was torture, she was so horny and she couldnt do anything except play with her breasts, prom was coming up and she had a hot date and she wouldnt even be able to do anything, she had tried to pick the lock multiple times, no such luck. She went down the stairs and saw her dad, blushing as he stared at her and she saw a bulge growing in his pants, he snapped a picture of her walking down the stairs well I'm glad I got you that chastity belt, because with your slutty tendencies and the way you look your gonna need it tonight he said

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Sentouki - raye
I hope my man has a dick like him
Ryuji sakamoto
You are so sexy and beautiful