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#162513 - “I’ll be all right,” she replied while getting her bearings, “let’s go. ” She had all but convinced herself that it was just a dream until she sensed that her vagina had just recently been violated by something incredibly huge! Her breathing quickly became labored as her clit rubbed against the crotch of her panties, and while her mind was filled with the sounds of battle, her legs wobbled unsteadily as an unexpected orgasm raced though her! Zack looked down at his trembling wife and asked softly, “You sure you’re okay, you still, don’t look so good?!?” As a small smile spread over her face she replied softly, “Don’t worry, hon, I’ve never felt better!!!” THE END. When the last Apache was finally vanquished and a lone bugler played taps over his fallen comrades, everyone gave a good round of applause before leaving for their cars.

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