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#125342 - He stood up on his knees on my side, His dick was peeping out his waist elastic band, Dark black, and thick and looking menacing. One night it was raining heavily and Abit was busy feeling me and I had my one hand on his cock and a drink in another , a naughty idea popped in my mind , I took a mouthful of drink and pulled Abit’s head closer kissing him and passing on the drink to his mouth , he immediately liked it and smiled broadly, I asked him to reciprocate , after a few swaps of drinks , Abit slid in between my legs and started licking my pussy , I was feeling naughtier and naughtier , I started pouring gin just above my pussy , it flew down to Abit's busy mouth , he licked it dry, and looked in my eyes for more and more , This was fun, soon we were getting drunk and horny . I was barely 27 then.

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