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#4656 - “oh…. Lea bashfully smiled and saw the look of eagerness on Deans face which excited her immensely, she paused to make him sweat a little before confessing, “ well the first time was a year ago, my dad was hosting a company BBQ at our house, one of his co-workers was really trying to ‘get to know me’ if you know what I mean?, well things kind of got a little out of hand and we ended up back in my room for a little fun” Dean grinned mischievously while hearing her short confession, his cock was once again twitching in his slacks as Lea’s cheeks turned a slight shade of pink out of embarrassment, “ well aren't you the naughty little daddy's girl”, dean teased as Lea reach out to slap his shoulder playfully “ Alright, my turn”, Lea sternly announced trying to move on, “ never have I ever joined the mile high club”, the girl asked before giggling Dean chuckled and picked up his plastic cup, he slowly brought it to his lips and watched as Lea stared at him intently, just as

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