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#299178 - I came around to find Stacey flat on her belly getting fucked really hard by the man who had given me so much pleasure and seeing them moaning and rocking their hips in unison woke me up for good and I changed my place so I was under Stac’s big tits and faced with her pussy . We got up and fixed our clothes as the mystery man zipped his pants and turned around, “wait don’t go” said Stacey come back with us to my place”, she looked at me with a smile “I want to test out my new Jacuzzi” . We went out to the patio and I smiled as I noticed all the candles as if Stac knew I’d be coming, we got naked and sat in the hot water drinking cool white wine and after a while I felt a soft hand sneaking on my belly and then going up to breast and rubbing my nipples, so I turned around and faced Stacey and started rubbing my nipples against her and I felt my pussy get wetter as she ran down her nails on my thighs and then she grabbed her vibrator and slowly started fucking me as the mystery man ins

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