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#194054 - There stood a girl, 17, beautiful, her ling chocolate brown hair tied back in a pony tail with two braids running down the sides of her head, her aqua eyes staring at him smiling and full of happiness, her tanned skin shinning in the sun. The legion soldiers began to lower their arms along with their commander, Smart man Rickard said aloud I will surrender, if all those of my men who survived the battle may return to solitude with me the Commander demanded If that is the soldiers choice they may, if it is not they will not Rickard replied with a smile as the Legion Commander looked puzzled What do you mean the Legion Commander replied cautiously I will give them a choice, you see, I plan to expand my. Rickard are you alright? A soft voice asked as he turned to face Linevia, her face coated with concern Ye-Yeah he said unsure as they reached the top of the stairs.

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Kou ichinomiya
She have a beautiful ass