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#228474 - “And it’s so tiny!!!” “That’s from the estrogen tablets I take everyday,” Angela replied, “it makes my boobs grow and my pecker shrink. “Y-you’re fucking me with your little boy cock, god it feels so goooood!!!” Even though it was small, Angela’s pecker pistoned in and out of the buttery pussy with almost frightful rapidity!!! With there pretty firm breasts now squished together, Midori wrapped her legs around Angela’s ass, effectively locking her in place!!! The scene was incredibly arousing as Angela’s sweet little ass bounced up and down as she drove her tiny pecker in and out of Midori’s very needy pussy!!! Both of them were so close to orgasm they could almost taste it! Now looking her friend and lover in the eye, Angela mouthed the words “I love you” before kissing her deeply on the mouth! Midori eagerly returned the kiss, and as their tongues intertwined, Angela’s tiny penis spasmed hard, sending them both over the edge while monster climaxes tore through their engorged o

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