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#410983 - It really hurt at first, I moved, shifted my body from side to side trying to prevent it from touching the walls of my vagina, as a result it dropped slightly, right onto my G-Spot, it felt amazing, I hated the fact I enjoyed it slightly, I kept squirming, it was no use, the first orgasm swept over me, causing me to moan loudly through my gag, the vibrator was relentless, it began to hurt again, I moaned again, and began squirming. I sat outside at the dinner table with Matt and George, “Hey, you we’re in the dinner queue for ages mate…” I smiled, “Yeah I know, fucking dinner ladies…” I began eating, “Hey, has anyone seen Jen?” George looked at me oddly, “No why? Who gives a shit about her?”, “No it’s just she was meant to go and see Mr K at the start of lunch and it’s 20 past now, she should back by now…” I told them. He then let go of my panties and walked out of the room.

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