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#289029 - Now I took control, and slipped Cindy's arm back up my ass, my cock now above the two girls faces, as they took turns sucking and wanking me, when Cindy suddenly pushed deeper in me my cock jerked, my sperm shot out shooting over them both, I love the sight of woman covered in fresh cum, as I continued to empty more and more onto them. As my cock fell limp and slipped out, Sue sucked it clean, then we both pulled Cindy up her pussy over Sue's mouth, my cum dropped out and Sue once more took her tongue and flicked Cindy's clit, causing another huge orgasm, what was left of my soft cock I took around for Cindy to lick clean, she swallowed my whole cock and sucked my dry, my cock responded and grew a bit, causing her to continue sucking, within minutes my cock was once more standing proud.

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