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#205022 - Asfterwards i started to play some call of duty about an hour of pwninng noobs i herd the doorbell ring. ''jeff i dont feel too good'' complained Racheal ''yeah you dont look that good either you should go to the doctor or something'' ''hhhmm your right' im quickly going to the doctors and once im back we wiil go out to eat some thing'' said Racheal ''ok bye'' as she walked out the door as i was alone i decided to take a bath and for a change i decided not to have wank. After a while Racheals brother was walking in the house and i loved how he smelled cause he wore atershave so i told him to come here cause the dryer needed to be fixed or something but i made it up and when he was in the hallway towards the dryer room i elbowed his temple and he slammed againist the wall and fell to the floor and he wouldnt get up i said yo bob get up it was just a joke but he didnt move so i went

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