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#76892 - Amy was the top girl at school she was rich young and beautiful but she had a dark side also that only her and a few friends knew about but her she was a vampire so were her friends they were going to take a road trip to alaska but the only thing they were missing was a friend so they decided to take along the newest kid in the school who had only been there for a few months or so one day after school on the way home the girls were driving by when they spotted him they followed him a few miles then they pulled up beside him when he was walking hey kid wanna go somewhere with me and my friends for a few weeks? the girls wiggled there fingers at him a little smirk on their faces he then looked at Amy and nodded his head sure i would love to but i have to tell my parents where i am going so they dont get worried she nodded her head to him all right we will pick you up in a couple of days so be ready he nodded then they drove off when he got home he talked to his parents about it a

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