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#136076 - Her youngest sister Kim, my ex-aunty, was a dazzling beauty every time; a voluptuous body with breasts made for sucking, as I had, but little more as she preferred women and Phung, who worked here, and at Kim’s acquiescence for whom I had shown what making love with a man could be like, was her live-in partner, and they always seemed very happy, though careful in public as homosexuality was frowned upon both legally and socially. She was asleep, but she answered and said “Oh, Anh, I just wanted to tell you how I have been feeling today: very tired, very sore, very wet and very horny! Not least, are you sure you can’t make me pregnant, Anh - I seem to have been leaking you out of me non-stop all day!” I said “Stop it Kim, you are making me hard in my pants!” I laughed and told her to go back to sleep, and if somehow she got pregnant, it meant she had been unfaithful to me, and it was some other man who still had sperm who had done it – but definitely could not be me. Ha said “Tha

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