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#221563 - I swallowed her entirety and my mouth was at her groin, and my tongue slurped along it, pushed out from between my lips and could even slurp at the crack towards her buttocks. ” Unconcerned at anybody watching, Ping leaned to grasp my face and kissed me noisily on both cheeks! I blushed, and could feel my face bright red I was sure, as he said “Oh Anh, I could cry; that was so nice to say. The recipient shrieked, perhaps at my size, but returned after a moment with fingers wet with saliva by the feel, and also enclosed my cock in – a condom? I had broken one the only time my ex-wife and I had tried to put one on, so this was new, and a good, safe idea, so my stiff cock was enclosed in one for the first time, even if it must have been a small size and not enough for me, and then I felt more fingers on my cock, before it was slippery and was grasped and slipped into a small hole; there were moans and gasps from through the wall, but the ‘receivee’ was determined and kept pushing back

Read Gay Hairy Usamimi Princess to Isekai Kozukuri Life!! 3 Butt Usamimi Princess to Isekai Kozukuri Life!! 3

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