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#161647 - their mom was divorced and lived in a nice house in a secluded area so noone could complain about the parties and the twins got away with whatever they wanted to do as their mom was always drunk. She called for them and as they entered the room they saw their mom on her knees naked and me holding her hair they screamed at me and then their mother spoke. Girls i have something to tell you she said i have a problem with drugs and i have gotten us all in a big mess he has been giving me what i need since the school year started and now that its over he has come to collect i used your college funds to pay him but it wasnt enough as well as giving him the house and the cars but i still owe him alot more so if we want to live here and not let anyone kknow we are broke we must follow his rules and do as we are told as with our dedication to him is the final payment.

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