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#59267 - Later the girls went for a walk onto the rock, all naked of course, when Dave rang, he told us only two backed out, so around 10 guys wanted to meet us, I told him they must be tidy and respect the girls, he said he would make sure they were, and any time after 6 pm to start, also bring their own drinks etc, or food. The girls seemed to have a bit of spare energy and soon Sue was fingering Gretchen ass, playing with her swollen rosebud, next thing Lyn moved in and the three formed a circle fingering and eating one another pussies and butt's, this seemed to excite the guys as a few cocks filled with blood. Then Gretchen stood and let her piss go, Lyn and Sue took most over their faces, I moved and lay with them, her warm piss flowed over my face, then each in turn rose and repeated the act over us, it was so hot feeling the juices fall upon me, then a few other guys let a bit more piss flow, then once more we all showered off.

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