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#171503 - it all started when i moved in with my cousin for a month she was having problembs with an ex boyfriend she had just turned 15 and he didnt come to her party and when she said something about it he hit her her stepdad was a on methhe didnt give a shit so i had to do somethin i kew where he kept his gun it was in a nike shoebox in the closet i grabbed it and ran out the door i noticed he now had a knife in his hand he started to draw back as he did all i heard was a her screaming she ran at me and strted hiting me and screaming at me i took her inside she had blood all over her i took her to the bathroom and turned on the shower i told heer to clean her self up i called the police and and they came and took the body i went back inside and laid down on my bed and closed my eyes moments later something pulled at my shirt i opened my eyes it was heather my cousin she was in a loss for words but then she kissed me and said thank you and then she lefti laid in bed for a minute and decided to

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Keena soga
Damn i would love to pound your ass
Elhaym van houten
I wonder what are theses sensation with such tongue so unique i think
Cure pine | inori yamabuki
Part 2 will go up friday nov 22nd