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#408285 - The front door creaked open, which was the way Harry kept it in order to know when people had come into his noiseless void of a life, Harry left his place at the chair and moved slowly through the now thoroughly changed building, where silver and green had once stood, now red and gold replaced it, where the walls had been broken or any sign of damage had been there was none now. ” she said matter of factly as she slipped off her seat and squatted in front of Harry, then without the use of her wand she had made Harry’s trousers disappear and was now staring reverently at the large throbbing beast that was before her, veins stood out along the thick shaft, it was about three finger widths and was domed with a deep purple head, before Harry had chance to react to this, Hermione’s head was covering his penis and she gave Harry the sluttiest look imaginable then began sucking and bobbing down on his immense man-meat.

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