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#197725 - My attention now turned to Allisa who asked that I pass her toy over to her which I did, she spent a few moments inspecting it, then switched it on and attached it by its suction cup to the side of the hot tub, she then straddled the side of the tub and fed the end into her hole and lowered herself a couple of inches and it began to disappear from view, she then rose up again, then fell back onto it, this time taking about 4 inches into her hole, her head was tilted back and she was breathing heavily, she looked fantastic, her dark hair was cascading onto her boobs, her nipples were erect and the dildo between her legs looked ridiculously thick, wedged between her pussy lips that were now being pulled in and out with every rise and fall of her beautiful hips, gradually bit by bit she took it deeper into her hole until finally she settled fully down onto the base, where she rested allowing the vibrations to stimulate her clit, I took this opportunity to move around behind her so that I

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