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#357635 - the pilot announces that due to the unforeseen event that coursed to flight to change course we will be arriving unexpectedly sooner than estimated following with please enjoy you holiday and do not hold back on fun times to be had. fiddling about in her chair as the pilot get permission from air control to take flight Nicky becomes to exhausted from all her burnt energy focused into excitement so she also finally decides to rest aswell. basically ignoring the shop's and all its many offers we arrive at the departure gate, still extremely excited and her excite seems to have no end to its limit she hands over the boarding passes over we continue to the plan down the seemingly never ending walkway, good morning sir and madam i hope you will enjoy your flight, we will arrive in about 12hours so please relax and feel free to ask the hostesses for any think you may desire greeted by the captain on a medium sized plan but yet some how seeming bigger, taking our seats an

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