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#41299 - Harvey decided he would try and keep to the social status that me and my family are accustom to and finally I would go back to school and restudy English class to help with my Dyslexia. I poured two Jack Daniels and took one of the glasses and walked into the living room. I walked away saying I'm sorry Harvey I cant handle this On my way to my car Brit came up to me and said What happened? I told her I cant deal with it Brit I've got to go I drove home (to the apartment Harvey moved back to his moms house) and I sat there thinking about things, not just about Harvey and Edvard but real things like where is my life going and what does my future hold.

Read Gay Latino (C73) [Alem-Gakan (Kirishima Satoshi)] Gacha-Gacha-pon (VOCALOID) - Vocaloid Vintage Gachapon

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