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#149213 - Once everyone was gone I stayed to pick up and lock up. Me :Are you Home yet!?: Sean :yes: Me :Grab my other Chevy tie and put it in your room now!: Sean :ok…… Why?: Me : when Lindsey dad asks you about the tie, just tell him that yours is in your room and go get it for him!!!!: Sean :ROFL!!!!! You busted dad?????: Me :STFU! Just do it!!!!!: I had another tie that was similar to the one he found, similar enough to be mistaken for the other by most people. Jack isn’t a big guy by any stretch of the imagination, and I figured he would be that much easier to handle with a few drinks in him.

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Nekomiya hinata
Who is she
Henry wong
Well that was weird yet i watched the whole thing can you do one of these vids while fucking please
Cure milky
Dose anyone know any good ap shaco buildes